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Privacy Notice


Destiney 's Eyelashes recognizes that its customers value their right to privacy and like to be confident that the personal information they provide will be used in accordance with their wishes. Destiney 's Eyelashes committed to love the way your personal information is used and to keep the data secure . You informed
1. What data is collected .
Destiney 's Eyelashes may collect personal information about you with respect to your identity and your personal preferences, as well as our products . Destiney 's Eyelashes committed to only collect information that is necessary for the purpose specified by us. Information For example, if you buy a Destiney 's Eyelashes product , you are required to give your name and address so we can send the product and your bank and credit card details so that you can pay us. Where possible Destiney 's Eyelashes offers you clear information on the type of information we collect and how we want to use this information. You will have the option to explicitly agree to allow the collection of the data or to reject it. If further information is required , we will clearly indicate which data and the purposes for which these data are collected . We may collect personal information about you in several ways . If data are collected , we will clearly indicate which data is and for what purpose we will use that information.
You write us
You can send us an e - mail or letter providing your name and contact details and any other personal information in the message.
customer Support
You can call us or send an e-mail to obtain for one of our products or to receive information on any of our products technical support.
E-mail/Direct mail campaigns
From time to time, we may contact you via mail, email or call you and give you information about upgrades , new products and special offers which may be of interest .
We can send out newsletters to customers with articles and information which we believe may be of interest to you.
If you want to buy in our shop or over the phone , Destiney 's Eyelashes products we ask for the minimum information required to complete , including bank and credit card information , contact information and a shipping address . Purchase
It is possible that we time to investigate our products and services over time. Your participation in this is absolutely free .
collected information
When you go to our website , our web server automatically collects information related to your visit . This information includes URL 's or domains of referring websites , browser type , operating system, pages you visit and the date and time you visited our website . In general, you can not be identified from this aggregate information. If this information can be associated with you, we will use this knowledge according to the rules of this policy .
2. Purposes for which we use the information
It is our goal to keep you inform before or during the collection of data and this can also inquire about the purpose for which we want to use the data. We explicitly ask your permission to use the information for the stated purpose and we only collect information that is reasonably necessary to achieve that goal . Destiney 's Eyelashes will clearly inform the data it needs to complete the stated purpose and the data that is merely optional . If you decide Destiney 's Eyelashes not provide the required data, Destiney 's Eyelashes may not comply with your request or certain services may not provide .
Information you provide upon registration will be used to build a file on your product and helps us in providing assistance if you contact customer service. We use this information to inform you of any upgrades , new products or offers that you may be interested.
product Purchases
When you purchase products from our SHOP or through the Customer Service department, we use the information to process the payment and ship the product. To you Information related to Destiney 's Eyelashes products we do appreciate to receive from our customers about our products and feedback about features they would like to see in future products . They may be added We will contact you to ask you what you think of our products and to inform you about upgrades , new products and offers that you may be interested.
internal analysis
The information you provide may be used for internal statistical and analytical purposes by us. On this basis , we evaluate and profile customers such as preferences and purchasing trends . Such data can be used eg for marketing or developing products . For new
We may contact you to check that the information we have is still correct and to add additional information so that we can complete your profile.
3. Sharing information with third parties
We may use the information you have provided to us with subsidiaries of Destiney 's Eyelashes and companies we work with. Such companies must in addition comply with the terms of this policy . We aim to provide our customers the maximum benefit to provide the strategic relationships with the company and collaborating companies . Destiney 's Eyelashes can profile data such co-branding partners share , so the content , banners , and promotions that you and other users on our sites get to see can be adjusted to your personal preferences better. Partners that Destiney 's Eyelashes joint advertising or other online services partners of Destiney 's Eyelashes may use their own cookies . As a registered Destiney 's Eyelashes customer, you will have the option to receive information from third parties . News and special offers You will have the option to reject such messages while providing information to us or at any other time . Legal disclaimer : Although Destiney 's Eyelashes make every effort to protect the privacy of our users we must Destiney 's Eyelashes Wesenhagen / PCWesie go in such a case that we must undertake in connection with an ongoing process , a court such action order or other legal procedure following our website .
4. safeguard
Destiney 's Eyelashes make every effort , within the given limits of commercially reasonable , to save your data and store it in a safe environment . We have implemented procedures to ensure that your information is only made available to staff performing the tasks for the purpose that we have indicated . Available
Orders received by Destiney 's Eyelashes , including bank and credit card details are encrypted using the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer ) for browsers that support 128-bit encryption. This technology ensures that the data is protected when they are sent . To our server via internet
Login Through our website you can register using the login details "E - mail address and password . Destiney 's Eyelashes may only access the information which you have given in your profile . Permission Your password provides access to your data and you must explicitly for worry about your login details never to reveal to third parties.
5 . cookies
We may use " cookies " on our website . A cookie is a small text file that can be saved when you visit a website , as a record of your visit (s ) . On the hard drive of your computer A cookie itself is not designed or intended for reading data from a user's computer (other than the contents of the cookie ) , you should consider it as an identifier that is used originally on the hard disk by the website stored . The actual content of the cookie can be picked up in order to identify the computer and to adjust , to maintain or to regulate on the basis of the data that is stored on the server as a result of this the use of a site by the same server as the host occurs. Therefore, cookies only identify the user's computer to the website , that other information can tune with the cookie , including personally identifying information . We use cookies to data entry to automate as for comparing data for online orders with purchases on the website (if any ) , to suit your needs or interests or promotions or marketing our website to access our website purchase. In addition, cookies enable us to track the use of our website so that we can determine which areas are considered useful or popular and which are not, so we can improve our website and update efficient . Most web browsers have features to alert you to the use of cookies, or to reject cookies generally. If you are unsure how to do this or want to know if this option is available to you , you should consult the documentation for your web browser. Please also note that if you choose to decline cookies, certain parts of the site might not work well or you can not gain access. Purpose
6. couplings
We may offer links from our website to other websites which our co-branding partners or by unrelated companies act as host and which we think may be of interest to you . On such websites , this Privacy Policy does not apply and Destiney 's Eyelashes can not vouch for the guidelines on such sites for handling personal information . We recommend you to check out website at the beginning of your visit to a site 's privacy policy.
7. children
This site is a site for the general public that is not designed nor intended to collect personal information from children under 13 . In order to meet the requirements of the Children 's Online Privacy Protection Act should not allow Destiney 's Eyelashes that children under the age of 13 to provide personal information on this site . We ask parents to keep their children supervised when they are online
8. Access , changes and data accuracy
Destiney 's Eyelashes take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we receive from you is accurate and up - to-date account . You have the right to access the information we have collected in order to check it. About access You also have the right to demand that the information be changed or deleted , including any changes to any consent you have provided to contact in connection with information you receive from us. Contact us You also have the right at any time to require the preferences regarding the type of messages that you receive from us will be changed so that you no longer receive such messages or so you can be added . To our distribution list Destiney 's Eyelashes make every effort to process . Such requests for access and modifications as soon as possible We can not comply with requests for information we have stored as part of our business .
9. Retention and data
Destiney 's Eyelashes retain your information for a reasonable period , so we can use it for the purposes that we have communicated to you. Informed If these data are no longer required , we ensure that they are removed from our database . We may use the services of third party companies to physically collect and store our behalf. Such companies must meet the terms of this policy .
10. Changes to Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change so that they conform to our guidelines and provide better security of your data . The terms of this Privacy Policy regularly Changes to this policy will be clearly indicated on this website. Changes to this policy are not retroactive . The data collected by us will be treated in accordance with the terms of the policy that was in force at the time the information was collected .
11. Transfer of data to other companies
The data collected by Destiney 's Eyelashes are considered part of the assets . In the event that Destiney 's Eyelashes , an affiliated company , a division of Destiney 's Eyelashes or part of the assets of Destiney 's Eyelashes , or be acquired by another company , can form the data part of the transferred assets. We will take all reasonable steps to place . A report of any such transfer on our website
12. Acceptance of Terms
By using our services, accessing our website or our products to purchase access you indicate that you agree to the practices relating to data collection and use practices described in this policy .
13. Contact
Requests for gaining access to your information , modification of the data or questions regarding this policy, please visit our contact page .
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